Mastering the Craft: Tips and Techniques for Knife Sharpening with Belt Grinders in Australia

Knife sharpening is an essential skill for any chef, culinary enthusiast, or craftsman in Australia. To achieve razor-sharp edges, many professionals rely on belt grinders, particularly the advanced 84 Engineering belt grinder. This versatile tool allows users to sharpen and refine their knives with precision and efficiency. Let’s explore the art of mastering knife sharpening with belt grinders, highlighting tips and techniques that can elevate your sharpening game.

  • Understanding the 84 Engineering Belt Grinder

The 84 Engineering belt grinder is a powerful and reliable tool designed specifically for knife sharpening. It features a robust motor, adjustable speed controls, and various belt grit options, allowing users to tailor their sharpening process to meet specific requirements. Its stability and precision make it a preferred choice for professional knife sharpeners across Australia.

  • Choosing the Right Belt Grit

Choosing the right grit of belt is essential in order to achieve the desired level of sharpness. Grits with a range of 36-60 are suitable for repairing. Edges that are damaged or dull can be improved by using coarse grits (around 30-60), while medium grits (around 80-120) can be used to refine the edge further. Grits that fall within the range of 220-400 are ideal for obtaining a highly polished and extremely sharp edge. To determine the most suitable grit for your requirements, it is recommended to try out different grits on different types of knives through experimentation.

  • Proper Belt Alignment and Tension

To maximize the effectiveness of your belt grinder, ensuring proper belt alignment and tension is essential. Misaligned or loose belts can lead to inconsistent sharpening and reduce the lifespan of the belts. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to align and tension the belts correctly, allowing for smooth and precise sharpening.

  • Maintaining Consistent Angles

Maintaining consistent sharpening angles is crucial for achieving consistent results. Using a sharpening guide or jig can help you maintain the desired angle throughout the sharpening process. By keeping a steady hand and maintaining consistent pressure, you can ensure uniformity and precision in the sharpening process.

  • Progressive Grit Sharpening

A progressive grit sharpening method involves starting with a coarse grit and gradually working your way to finer grits. This technique allows you to remove the appropriate amount of metal, ensuring a balanced edge. Additionally, it lessens the chance that the sharpening procedure would cause the blade to overheat. With the 84 Engineering belt grinder, you can easily switch between different grit belts, making progressive grit sharpening a breeze.

  • Cooling and Lubrication

During the sharpening process, heat can build up and potentially damage the knife’s temper. To prevent this, it is essential to keep the blade cool. Some belt grinders come with built-in cooling systems, while others may require external cooling methods such as water or air cooling. Additionally, using a lubricant like honing oil can reduce friction and enhance the sharpening process.


Mastering knife sharpening with belt grinders, particularly the 84 Engineering belt grinder, is an art that requires practice and attention to detail. By understanding the tool, choosing the right grits, aligning the belts correctly, maintaining consistent angles, and employing progressive grit sharpening, you can achieve exceptional results. Remember to prioritize safety and take proper care of your equipment. With dedication and the right techniques, you can elevate your knife sharpening skills and ensure your blades are always sharp and ready for precision cutting in Australia.

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